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Typical reasons a borrower
may find a traditional lender
such as a bank, thrift or SBA
lender unsuitable are:

  • Difficulty or unwillingness to   
    provide documentation

  • Need for quicker turnaround

  • Beneath the minimum loan

  • Need a significant cash out

  • Need subordinate debt

  • Have a balloon note due

  • Have an ineligible property type

...Make for great
Reasons Borrower's

Program Information

1st Commercial Funding!

We have a middle to the road approach to

As Correspondent Lenders- we have access to
wholesale bank rates and programs.

As a Brokerage- we can also help place loans
that the banks regularly turn down because of
Documentation or Appraisal  & Loan to Value
issues for instance...

Some of our best programs actually have a
higher rate, but the trade off is that the market
interest rate and costs are actually lower over the
long term.  

Some lending programs are 30 year amortized

programs; which are also "assumable"
this equates to great future expansion planning
that can help you more effectively sell your
property by attracting more qualified buyers for
your buildings low market interest rate,
assumable loan features!

We even have a 30 year Fixed with Declining
Interest Rate incentives to make payments on

If you would like more information or a Letter of
Intent which lays out the particulars to this and
other programs for the type of property you are
looking to finance.  Please use the
Contact Us
page and let us know how you want to be